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Mar 30

Yesterday have watched “Knowing” with my friends, then today have discuss the story line with colleague. After discuss then i only know that the story of the movie have related some kind of religion relationship. She told me that in the bible, have wrote that similar tragedy will happened just like the movie. It just similar not 100%, she said she think those people that whispering was angels that send by God. For me those people is something kind of living things, but i can’t said it was alien, cause i don’t know how alien was. But maybe the director want leave some imagination spaces to the audience, when that “living things” have leaving, the flew way and have something like wings appeared at their backside.

But at the beginning of the movie, Nicholas Cage was the professor from MIT that not believe in God. He also have suspect the solar system that we have study maybe just a coincident. But after Nicholas get those “NUMBERS”, he knew that he can predict the future. He try to save all the people from the tragedy but it can’t stop anything. It just happened what he were predicted. At the last he believe that he can’t do anything and believe that “living things”. He let them take along his son. My friend said that in the bible stated that the world will end with 2 ways. First, will ended by flood. Second, will ended by burn means fire. At the end of the movie, the world ended by burn, fire from the sun. They bring them to another place and start a new world. The scene was liked Adam and Eve, but the child are Caleb (Nicholas Cage son) and Abby. There are only chosen will be bring to the new world.

But from the movie, it never mention that it was alien or angel. It just some kind living things mixed up with alien and angel..hahaha…

In my opinion, only have one word to describe the movies – “Contradiction”. Maybe i don’t know the bible and lots that i don’t know, but this was what i have feel on the movies.Whole movie have bring together scientific and religion that we can’t explain and prove, but we must and we should believe in.

There must be scientific and religion,the world only will have balance.

Mar 28

Everyone have sending message to remind off the light from 8.30 to 9.30 for the “Earth Hour”. I did off my light in that in my house, but i don’t think others have doing that. There lot of funny question that asked by others.

“Huh, off all the light ? Then what i need to do ? I cant see anything,it so dark”

“How about the car lamp light ? Need to off also ?”

“If i’m not off ? What will happened ?”

“If we off together, at 9.30 everyone will on together. That time our TNB power supply will have problem.”

The was so so many others question. As i know, i heard from the radio, its not asking you off all the light. I jst said that off the light that not using, maybe jst switch on a small light then is ok. But i don’t think everyone will folllow and do it, Malaysian is like that.


Look at the picture, it not so clear but it obviously whole city are lighting. That some building was still lighting, so this is not the big deal for them, maybe jst wasting time. Haha…don’t said off for a hour,maybe a minute also will be problem. Maybe at others places will be different but my place here totally don’t have any different, just like normal. I did of my light, jst leave my laptop light.


Since that was so dark, so is not good for using laptop. Later my eyes rosak then habis already. So i think to watch the TV, i think its better than laptop,haha…Actually its was same, its just because have so show that i want to watch at astro. But i was suprise when i switch on my TV, cause i thought all the channel will stil on and will just like normal. When i on 8TV……


Among all the local Tv channel, only 8TV have participated. I have try switch to others channel, they still be the same. Really appreciate 8TV have done such action. Cause time is money for the media, every minutes and every seconds also very important. Some more was 8.30 till 9.30, it was the peak time.

I was thinking at my hometown, is it have anyone doing this ? This weekend everyone going back hometown for “QING MING”. Its been a long time that i’m not go pray my grand parent, i will back next weekend.

Mar 25



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Mar 22

Jst came bck from Park Royale Hotel, ya…now is 6.38 am. I have go register about 12am, i have wait for 6 hours to sing for that 30 seconds. That was so many ppl at thr, everyone are practice at there and try to performed the best to the judges. I jst sitting there and look around the ppl, got so different type of person at thr. Have talkative, those tak tau malu, samseng,show off, friendly and of course lot of lenglui ( lengzhai as well). I promise i wont do this again, this is my last time. If not because Ah Bao keep asking me to go, definately i wont go lor…it really waste time lor, but i also have my experience. I cant even get into 2nd round, when my turn jst get in,then sing to the screen,then judges said thank you,then leaving. ..haiz, it really fast. But so lucky ahbao will get in 2nd round sub audition, pray for him.


give briefing

1st audition have 2 round, 1st round is 30 second,2nd round also 30 second but judges will ask some question, then only will get into 2nd audition. If really have get in the 2nd audition, which means in will get recording in studio at Astro but so much stuff to prepare such as clothes, song and free ur time. If get through the 2nd audition, then will get in 20 final list. It will send to camp which provide singer courses, dancing class and others which totally free. You need to sign contract before get into the camp, within the camp period, you may not leaving the camp. Which means those are working, you might quite your job. Luckily, i’m not getting it. If really get into the camp, i really don’t know what to do. My job is more important or singing contest is more important ? But i don’t have chance also cause i’m not even pass through the 1st audion.


all people are waiting


next 2 person will be me,so panic at tat time

Some of them are came from so far, they get overnight at there. I really proud of those parent that came together with their son or daughter. They waiting outside which dont have chair provided. They stand whole night to support, really really proud of them. I think maybe i will be on TV again, jst now have cameraman came over our place and take some shot…haha


pinjam to take pic only…haha

Later will go buy lottery.

my number was 0899….i will buy




Really want to get sleep…good nite and good luck to you all.

Mar 16


当他跟我讲的时候,我也想起我以前和她,她,她,还有她都有这样这样和那样那样啊。 其实我朋友说我也说的对,我每次都喜欢和她们这样这样和那样那样,可是到最后就就没有什么的。阿lai 所说的那些那些,其实我都有经历过。 那种感觉都很好,很开心,虽然时间都不是很长,可是以足够让一个人开心到无法形容。 心里面就很开心很爽可是表情就要很像没有怎样的,没有什么东西。。。

这种感觉是不是叫 “暧昧” ?


Mar 15

刚刚同事喝完喜宴然后就send了张照片给我, 然后他就说酸我的话。其实我真的有被酸到,但是只是那一刻,就短短的那一刻。现在就没有怎样啊,我也知道他是故意这样对我说的,然后还讲他自己醉了。果然醉了,不然你不会忘记自己在进行“修口德”计划。


第一个她,我喜欢她很多年,最后鼓起勇气打电话告白,很紧张,然后就挂电话了。过后她说其实她根本听不懂我在讲什么,可是她知道我想讲什么。她说她要考虑,结果一个礼拜后,我不适合她,结果她就很别人一起了。她跟一个大部分所有男生都知道外表很好,可是内心不是很好的男生一起了。那是就伤心,我还记得,“心如刀割”这首歌,每天听。过了1年多,她分手了,我们朋友安慰,去唱歌。她依然和我是很好的朋友,她对我很坦白,告诉我以前对我的感觉,她觉得她选错了,可是已经很迟了。其实我的心是还有她的,可是我不能这样某某然的就这样跟她讲。然后不知道在那一天,我很她在车上,突然觉得很尴尬,感觉特别强烈,气氛变的很奇怪,我们都没有说出一句话直到其他朋友到了。那天晚上,我就sms告诉她,我其实还喜欢她,然后怎样怎样的。。。她也很像接受了。我的心情真的很开心,因为她既然说出了一句“我爱你”,不知道是开玩笑还是什么的,可是那个感觉就像 “守得云开,见月明” (写错不要笑,天啊,到现在我还记得那么清楚!) 然后我就以为她以认定我了,我们分开在不同的地方读书,可是关系还保持很好。有一天,喝完朋友的喜宴,去朋友家的路上,我牵起她的手,她拒绝了。我问她,她说是她的问题,叫我不要这样。然后过了几天,她说有个男的在追她,我就说 “你直接告诉他,你已经有了我这个男朋友”,她说她不能,她犹豫了我和她的感情,她对我失去信心,我很伤心,真的很伤心,她需要时间,我等了几个星期,我忍不住,打电话给她,问她现在怎样了。她就是不能做决定,我已经心灰意冷。原来只有我认为我们是经历过很多,自以为我在她心中是有份量的。原来我根本不算什么,就这样我帮她做决定。我选择放弃,选择做朋友,不想她那么的辛苦。不久后,她和他就一起了,幸福快乐到现在。我现在看到她也很开心,我也开心。她真的在我心目中站了些份量的一个女人。她是我永远的朋友。




Mar 13


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突然 你不告而别的离开了这小屋
突然 我觉得没你日子过得好无助

突然 迷失方向不知如何走下段路
突然 我想望着蓝天对着大海大哭


Mar 8


前两天吃了很多好料,回到家当然也是好料啦。。连续吃了几天,真的肥喽。前两天去吃海鲜,然后 在 One Utama Gardens 吃午餐。 虽然花了钱,可是还好啦。因为都很值得啊。。。等下给看下照片。

Seafood at Telok Gong

One Utama Gardens

The environment at here damn good, is good for dating..haha

Mar 5

Now at office working, but suddenly i have idea. I go Google search my name “auyongjinyoo” suprised was a youtube channel coming out. Click the link then realize that i hv uploaded few video and quite funny. All was sweet memories but its damn funny, when i watched really cant stop laughing. Here some clips that want to share with you all. Enjoy the show.

This clip took when we go Port Dickson, it was damn long time ago. We have few years not going there. Yes, i inside. Patrick  so sorry make so big for you,is too heavy.Hahaha….


This my ex housemate, she willing take this clip after we have waste lot of time. Finally persued her to do that, but quite weird. The uploaded video clip was in landscape, but nevermind as long as its funny. Hahaha…(She will kill me if see this clip)

Mar 3

我最近一直听这首歌,虽然它是比较久的作品,可是它的歌词真的很 适合我现在的感受和心情, 真的完全的唱出我的心。


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作曲:@uyong 演唱:@uyong 作词:~KUSO美眉~

你的关怀           以为是爱
你的依赖           天天都在

*那种感觉           不是失恋
那种感觉           叫做心碎

最后我才明白  那是友爱  不是恋爱
我承认我失败  被爱冲昏了脑袋
到底什么是爱  我很期待  换来伤害
我对你的崇拜  不该太多释怀

最后我才了解        世上珍爱   难分好坏
依赖过多会失败     才醒得过来
我误会那是爱        正想承认我们会相爱
你却致命击下来  我真的好失败

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