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Jul 31

Today was Robinson Member Sales Day. Due to power shutdown, we must leaving early, so we going to have some shopping. Becareful with what  i have said, is “some” shopping.


So let start with my introduction of Robinson sales. According to research, some survey and professional analysis from my manager, Mr. Sim. Those product from at Robinson was high quality product and branded. Just maybe we do not know the brand, but mostly the brand was branded, of course the price also very attractive.  But member sales day, its means SALES + MEMBER SALES or MARKDOWN AND FURTHER MARKDOWN. So everything was so cheap.

When we reach at Gardens. OMG…..those people queued from Robinson main entrance until Isetan main entrance and until Mid Valley. Luckily we go have dinner at first, so after dinner the long line was totally clear. The process during shopping its just like normal shopping environment and situation, no need explain much. Crowded with people, long line at cashier counter, no promoter serving you and so on. This were very normal during sales.


Now was the most excited moments, our office ranking. The winner of 2009 Robinson Sales was LAI POH FATT.


阿发 :  > RM500 (total RM600++)

yw, shyyun : 250 to 500

auyong, sijie : 150-250

ooiyee,siaktheng : < 150


After shopping, so need take some rest and separated the result from the wars. Everyone also have bought something, nobody was missed. Actually not all the products were cheaper, some was really cheaper than normal sales because as member maybe will further 10-20% extra discount but some of the product still remain the same discount as before or just value buy.


After separated, all going home. Everyone was enjoyed shopping,  everyone have spent, everyone was tired and everyone was rushing.


When on the way going home, there was traffic jam. Damn it !! its already 11.30pm ++. The worsted was it’s just jam without any reason. Good night to everyone, have a nice dream.

Jul 22

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Jul 22

虽然生病,可是还是要做工作, 还是要做到很迟。 当和每个说,“我还在office。。。” 他们都傻眼, 还说我是工作狂。 我不是工作狂, 有的选择我也想早回家的。 可是怪自己工作效率慢, 累积的东西就越来越多。 还能怎样, 就勤劳一点咯。多两个星期就要去台湾了, 想到就开心。 所以一定要在这个月内完成我的东西, 这样就放心去玩了。

一边驾车一边想去台湾要买什么, 去什么地方, 还有一股冲动买 DSLR 去台湾拍照。 可是很贵一下, 还在考虑之中。 那天在勇威的毕业典礼, 拿丽恬带来的DSLR玩。 玩下玩下真的上瘾了,其实本身对拍照还好啦。 可是我知道会有根多的乐趣的, RM2000 呢 ! 怎样买的下手呢。。。原本想买来当作自己的生日礼物, 可是很像有一点点过分。 如果买了还可以有很多用途的, 我一直想很多理由绥服我自己。 其实想买就买啦, 做工做到怎样辛苦,也应该奖励下自己吧 ! 很像有点勉强。真的很矛盾, 想买又不敢买,全部都是钱在作怪。 如果有钱的话,就不用这样烦,不用想这么多。

这个星期六约了大班人马在丽恬party一下, 一起庆祝我的,vincci, 惠萍,巧微 的生日。 美荃打电话来骂我,“全部人都选好要什么礼物, 你到底要什么的 。。。? ” 其实也很难会答,我想要的很贵没有想过要你们送给我, 需要的我自己都买了啊 。。。要怎样呢。。。礼物都要烦, 咳!

算, 要睡觉了。 晚安。

Jul 21

上个星期喉咙痛,我知道所以就赶快吃咳嗽糖了,还好没有怎样。 上个星期去打羽球, 满身都是汗。我想应该是感到吧,所以现在伤风了。

我就赶快去看医生了,因为我要去台湾了。生病怎样去? 到了公司个个人当我是妖怪那样, 就我去看医生拿MC. 我已经看了啊。。。! 怎样你们才相信 !!!

还好我的伤风已经okok了,没有一直打喷嚏和包云吨。只是会 shi shi suk suk, 其实业没有怎样啦,只是一直想睡觉,其实平时也是这样的啦。 只是会觉得很快累咯。。。可是我还可以打篮球呢。。。哈哈 !

真希望可以赶快好起来, 不让很辛苦呢。。。

同事们,真的不好意思。。。抱歉了 。

Jul 6

Recently Mr. Bao have found his gf – Miss Mickey Mouse, all of us was so excited to meet that girl and want know how she look like. Even though we have see the picture through facebook or friendster but it still not enough, cause photo cant judge a person 100%.

I been inform to attend a gathering on 3rd July 2009 at Sri Petaling. I just being informed, no discussion or what, seems like was a very important gathering. So no choice, just attend. We have meet at petrol station outside ahbao house. It was so many fitted in the small petrol station, quite suprised. So many people are waiting at there, we really gave a big face to bao. Total up have 12 of us :- me, menghan, fufu, junhao,vincci, lithian, lithian bf, meicinn, linyet, weisin, bao and bao gf.

So our 1st station were going to eat dim sum at Sri Petaling which just near his house. After take a seat and order, first thing to do sure was introduction session. Introduce one by one ahbao, after introduce still need ask again our name. She quite pressure i think, but she also quite good in memorize, just miss one or two of person among our friend. Then continue with asking Q & A session, “Where she from ?”,”How you know her ?” blah blah and so on….. We just order few of the dim sum, the dim sum there damn expensive and not so nice, ok ok nia. Some more our next station will have buffet supper, so better left some stomach spaces for next round.


(From the picture can see everyone was hunting for the dim sum)

dimsum gathering

(Even take picture, everyone mouth also still eating. Haiz… Too sad nobody take picture for me)

Then we have go sing K, we have a big room with 20 seat, projector screen and attached bathroom. Actually we only have 12 person, maybe others room were fully booked, so we get that room. Unfortunately cant snap some photo at there, my phone camera was too loudsy, cant take photo clearly if too dark.

Then we keep singing and singing, then have ahbao have sang a special song. Maybe others not realize but i think the song was sing for her gf . The song was sang by “Jacky Cheung – Everytime is a good time”, the last sentences from the lyrics was “有你在everytime is a good time ; 因为我有你陪在身边 有你在 欢聚欢笑每一刻 ” , i think his gf was so “lam” at that time.

At 4am, times up, we all leaving. On next day, still need back to work but luckily still able to wake up. It was a nice gathering, we should have more and more gathering like this. Our next plan was going to Cameron Highland, the organizer was our Off Pants Brother : Fufu. We will waiting for the information, so who interested please contact him.