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Aug 28

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这些并不代表 对你感情谈了

我们彼此都了解 问题不是谁对谁好



Aug 20

Wake up early morning then prepare to go out. First destination we going was Zoo, we really don’t have much choice cause too early, even shopping centre and others place still not business yet, so we plan to go some memorial place.


Have our breakfast at restaurant nearby our house, even breakfast also different style with Malaysia. Don’t have konlo mee, roti canai or laksa, only have sandwich and burger and others food that we don’t know what was that. Take bus will reach Zoo, bought the ticket and get in. As normal Zoo, have lots animal and so on. I think no need explain too much on this, you can see it from the picture. Haha…



From Zoo, take MRT reached C.K.S Memorial Hall. There were some memorial places which have nice scene and nice building, most important it’s was free. Haha…So we did enjoy. The whether was really hot, luckily all of us wear short pants. Just simple have a look inside the memorial hall and have some air cond, rest and water at there. So very fast we have leaving and move to next destination- Ximending .



From memorial hall take LRT will reach Ximending, we start eating again…..

阿宗面线 – the面线, something like bihoon , it’s was smooth and really nice when in our mouth and you can add extra sauces that prepared, like minyak bijan or spicy sauce. Here not provide any table or chair, all people queue and eating while standing, maybe eat while standing only can have the feel of the bihoon.


成都杨桃冰 – it was a ice that have some fruit inside, It can be consider special because can’t find it at Malaysia but not really nice.


可乐饼 – some kind of potato chips, which have different flavour, three of us have order different flavour to have a try. Ahbao have order cheesy potato chips, from the picture you can imagine how cheesy of that chips. It was really nice and really worth to eat, some more is not really expensive. The packing and the decoration of that shop also very creative and unique. It’s really will attracted lot of customers.


巨无霸冰淇淋 – from the appearance, this ice cream really look very nice, but actually is not. The ice cream taste was so bad and not even smooth. It’s popular because it was long enough. This was the most lousy that I have in Taiwan.


Sophisca Shop – Here have lot cute and unique stuff. The condom, sanitary pad, Viagra and others also can be eaten. The pack was very special and unique, I have bought lot from here.



Magazine Shop – All the magazines in this shop was written in Japanese, I wondering is it Taiwanese can read Japanese. They lot people buying magazines at there.


三兄妹 & 咕咕叫鸡排 三兄妹 was place that only selling ice blended, the ice at here was really nice and have lot of flavours. Together with the chicken chop, you really can imagine how nice that was.The wall of the restaurant was totally mess up with those conteng – conteng, actually it just a kind of design. I really don’t have this kind of sense, I think it was weird. Haha…In the restaurant, incidentally I have taken a photo that couple kissing at there. It just behind us, it was nothing special, but I just want to take it. Haha…


Modern Toilet – I heard that it also have a same kind of restaurant at KL, but I’m not really sure where it is. But I am sure that the food of this restaurant was the worst, bad, and lousy among all the food that I have it in Taiwan. The food just like the name, really shit. Actually the environment at there was quite ok, it just special. When take order, is stated that everyone must spent over some amount, I can’t remember how much is it, but it really suck. We have order the ice again, we force to finished it even it’s not nice.


After that we stop eating and start shopping around there and all of us have bought something, then we going back home to meet with ahbao sister and we going to 士林夜市.


When reach士林夜市 food court, quickly queue up to buy the 豪放炸鸡排, it’s very famous in士林夜市, lots of Taiwan TV show also have recommend this chicken chop. We going to buy all the famous food then have place to sit and have the 蚵仔煎, 生炒花枝, 肉圆 and甜不辣. On the way we bought the 大饼包小饼, ahbao sister friend recommended, we have a seat and start to have our dinner. 豪放炸鸡排, the chicken chop in Taiwan really different with Malaysia, we have different chicken chop but all of them also taste better than Malaysia, maybe it because the chicken, so the chicken chop just feel like so fresh and nice. 大饼包小饼, seems like karipap rounded by popiah..haha, it not really nice, it feel dry. Don’t know how to explain, just not nice. The蚵仔煎 it a bit different with Malaysia, it added sauce on it, but honestly the taste was totally different with Malaysia蚵仔煎. Then follow by生炒花枝, this one not really nice. It is sotong that cook with special sauce, maybe it just more suitable to Taiwanese. 肉圆, ( they call it in hokkien “ba wan”) it a pork that surrounded by the flour but it soft and smooth together with some sauce, quite nice. 甜不辣, is just same with tempura, nothing special but nice. After eating, then must bought something to drink, bubble tea and 爱玉冰 – it just mixed up with some lemon. After that have go bought some souvenirs, it’s was some kind of cookies. The aunty was so nice to talk, we keep talking with her, she feel happy then free more to us. Haha… Also have lot other traveler, I can see was Japanese and most of them were group of girls. So continue walk around to see whether have any special food.



Actually we plan to go 士林夜市, which have lot stuff to buy at there. Due to raining we decide to go home because  its reallyrain heavily. At MRT station everyone using umbrella, to prevent the floor getting wet when we take MRT, so plastic cover of umbrella was provided, it was really useful and creative, damn nice and good idea. Before going home, we have go Taipei down town, it just like shopping centre. Have lot shop lot and blah blah…


So going home bath and rest, finally end of 2nd day, it’s really so much to write. Will continue write for following days soon.

Aug 20

From KL central, we have take bus to LCCT. Even the bus was cheaper but the bus really not comfortable and takes long time to reach. At first when we reach we need to meet with Yong Wei, after we go to check in then have our breakfast at Old Town. The price was a bit cheaper than normal price but was consider cheap compare to others restaurant at there.


Just finished our breakfast, we get in the departure gate early. It was my first time flew to oversea, my first destination was Taiwan, Taipei. Before these have take many times flight but it’s only fly to Sabah, so this time really have different feeling and experience. We need to get pass the immigration gate, have so much people at there but only have few counter, this was our Malaysia services and culture.

Airasia quite fast and efficient, we just wait awhile then we were ready to get into the flight and ready to fly. The condition and seat still same with before, never improve. It’s cheap but not comfortable, it’s suitable us but not for old people. I really can’t imagine how those people that have seat like this fly to London. Actually it’s got lot improvement, it’s have TV screen in front of your seat, some more is touch screen. You can make order from screen, have some travel guide information and can free chatting. The most things was impressed me was its have entertainment such as music, MTV, drama and movies. But also the most disappointed because all need money, RM30 for all the entertainments.

t’s take around 4 hours ++ to reach Taiwan, Taipei, when we reach we need to pass through the temperature sensor. I don’t I was too nervous or what, the nurse have asked me to stop. She asking politely 先生,你不舒服吗?” , the nurse really have good manner and her voice was too soft. Even my body temperature was a bit high, but lucky still pass through. Along the wait we walking and waiting for our luggage, feel a bit different and weird because all those workers was Chinese. The cleaner, the nurse, the police, salesgirl and others, all is Chinese. In Malaysia, we have less chance to see this.

After that we called the taxi that we booked earlier, at the main entrance, all the cars at there was high class and high level. The cheapest also Toyota Altis, you can’t even find Toyota vios or Honda City. Our taxi came, was Nissan version that can’t find at Malaysia. Inside the car, seat and others was so comfortable, it’s was taxi, have GPS and others. It’s taking about hours to reach Taipei City, we meet ahbao sister, settle down our luggage and ready to out.


First place we go was 临江夜市, it was nearby the house, walking distance about 10 minutes will reach. Sure we will start eating, 生煎包 , some kind pao, the appearance look like same with normal char siao pao, but a bit smaller, the taste was totally different, it was same inside also pork but it different lor, don’t how to explain.Hahaha….then walked around the street, got lot different stuff. We were heading to a shop to have some ice first then only have our dinner, because that time was really hot. Then we have order mango ice and another ice (forget how to called that). The mango ice was so so only, almost same with our Malaysia ice. The another ice was better, the taste a bit special.




First day dinner was steamboat, but is not spicy steamboat. Have order a big crab, sashimi then have sushi and many many… There have lot different things, only about sauces then have needed to learn. There was different kind of sauces but actually it’s need different combination then only have make nice sauce. A bit troublesome, just give me chili sauce enough, Hahaha….





After the dinner, we walked to Taipei 101 Tower. At that time was too late, so we can’t get to the tower but will go at other day, around there have shopping centre and those street artist.



From 101 tower take bus and send ahbao sister home, then we continue to go临江夜市. First thing need to try was Taiwan hotdog, the size really cannot compare to Malaysia, have about 10 flavours and it’s was really nice, and then continue to eat ice again. Walk around the street and survey the price of that stuff. It was end of first day, going back home have a rest and prepare for tomorrow.


Aug 14

At 1st think to upload my photo and write down everything that happened in my taiwan trip, but the photo was too much. When i think to edit the photo, i started feel lazy. But give me sometime,i trying step by step. I have regroup the photo by day. So it wil be more easily for to edit those photo. After edited the photo then i will share my trip with everyone.

Today office have a celebration for those born in August, normally i will be one who take the cake and sing birthday song together. My colleague them have used to it, so one of them have forget i also born in August, they asked me take lighter and so on. But is ok for me, it just a normal celebration. Thanks for the birthday song and cake.

After get those picture from my colleague, OMG….i look more fat, my face seems like a bit round round. I eat too much at Taiwan, i think. My face, my arms and my whole body also look fat. Cilakak…i really need to keep fit. Cant tahan myself. If my weight keep increase and increase, i will be fat fat boy one day. I won’t let it happened. So i have date to jogging, will go jogging tomorrow morning. I also have participate a marathon, to force myself to exercise more. If not i will get fat and more fat, later shirt also can fitted me.

Will go movies soon and tomorrow also will back hometown. Need meet my parent and my sis. Have bought something for them, must pass to them.

Aug 10

Finally have reach home, feel tired but very enjoyed with it. Have so much things need to share with you all, but i’m too tired. So will update blog from time to time.

We have taken around 1500++ pictures, damn lot. Those picture include those scene and those failured shots. We have been lots place at Taiwan but we only able to concentrate on Taipei. Due to the typhoon, we have waste 1 and half day. Maybe i should not said waste, we can have extra time to have more rest but its also not bad, so that we can have good rest before come back.

This time have spend a lot, bought lot shoes , clothes , sourvenier and taiwan cookies. I think i whole year no need to buy anythings, those clothes and shoes is enough for me wear until next next year. Its really cheap, i cant control myself already. When i want to bought some shirt to my sister and cousin, those shirt is so so worth. I don’t know they will like it or not, i only choose those i think was nice and good looking, depends on my taste. It’s sure have bought baby shirt for my niece, i have choose those cute cute skirt for them. I think after they wear it, sure look more cutie…haha. Now i only roughly stated what i have bought, if after i explained in detail. I think everyone will get shock, cox i also get shocked. Haha…

I think better i go to visit doctor tommorow, will be more secured and safe for myself and others. H1N1 virus was keep increased and became more serious. So i think i need to visit the doctor and maybe have some injection.

Its really enjoyed week, but it’s too fast. It’s too fast i need to back to work but now i’m fully recharge. I will work harder and harder.

Everyone…….. I’m back !!!

Aug 8

Because of typhoon, today whole day stay at house here play mahjong. Wake up around 11am something then watch the news, after watched the news. I feel that i really lucky that we not at Hualian ( South of Taiwan), the news report that its was damn serious at Hualian and others places around South. Our plan before was go to Hualian yesterday and have overnight and back Taipei on the next day. If we going Hualian, i think everything will gone. All we can do at there is stay at hotel and doing nothing.

Play mahjong also can be enjoyed,  we play whole day mahjong from lunch time until dinner time., i have lose lot money. While play mahjong, still can watched movies then have drinks. The feeling just feel like in Chinese New Year, so relax. Doing nothing, so free and just enjoyed there.

Ok, need to end at here, its times to contines gamble. Haha

Good night everyone.

Aug 6

Have take some time to jot down something here. This year really a special birthday for me, have celebrated my birthday at Taiwan. Erm, actual the celebration still the same. Go steamboat and after that have cake, just the location was different. Of the course the feeling was different, this time not as much as last time when i’m at Malaysia but still enjoted it.

So far so good at Taiwan now, but bit disappointed because can’t go out of Taipei. Because there will have typhoon coming to Taiwan and will from South of  Taiwan till North of Taiwan. Taipei at South of Taiwan, according the taxi driver at here. Those typhoon that came from south will affect most Taipei area and others area aroud taipei. Some more the typhoon of this time is grade 8, its really really really serious. The typhoon will start on Friday and will end at Saturday night. Its annouce that on Saturday was public holiday. OMG…really bad luck this time, we have plan going to Hualian at Friday, our plan was totally spoiled. What to do ? just plan some others place around Taipei o Friday afternoon then have a good rest on Saturday.

So far at Taiwan, i don’t dare to count on my expenses. Its sure spent a lot but i also expected and have allocated a budget for this trip. But its really surprised, stuff here really cheaper than Malaysia. I cant said is all stuff, some stuff compare with Malaysia, same thing but is not same price.

Really tired today…Its time for me to have a rest. Thanks everyone who have wishes me. I still using that phone number, i just not at Malaysia.

Thanks a lot. Thanks God, I appreciate all i have. 

Aug 2

This year birthday present really quite expensive, i have bought 2 things that damn expensive to myself. Of course i need to buy something that i want then only can balance my life. If not keep working and working i will be crazy one day.

 First present was Taiwan trip, tommorow will heading to Taiwan for whole week. I should said later will be sit on plane and going to Taiwan. My flight is 10am, i really excited so that i really need to jot down something on this day. I have plan a lot of stuff, where i will be going ? what want to buy ? what foods that i want to eat ? what think that i want to do and so on… Wah…really excited when i keep thinking and thinking, haha…

Second present for myself was a camera, i just bought DSLR. Its really damn damn expensive for me. Its cost me RM2000++, but how..i already bought it so i must fully utilise it, so i will bring it to Taiwan. Haha, then my camera have fully utilise and my trip also can be fully utilise. Of the i’m jst beginner, really don’t how to use it. Those setting and blah blah blah, really complicated lor… So i think will only use the automatic mode or some others present mode, no choice, its really not enough time for me to learn it at short time. I did call my fren ( Mr. Yawen) to have a short briefing, how to adjust to things ? what those numbers and bars and others symbols show in the screen meaning ? Maybe i should do on survey and read the manual guide. So i have bring the manual guide together with me, on plane i will use the time to read through the guide. Hope it really will help me some. Oh..i almost forget to thanks somebody, yw,shyyun,laipohfat,val and others. Really thanks for all the suggestion and opinion, i was those person who will think a lot and will make me hard and slow to make decision. This is because i really serious for me then i only will be like that. No matter what, i have bought the camera. Thanks a lot. 

At here, i will like to  said happy birthday to ooiyee and alice. Happy birthday. So sorry can wish u and celebrate with you all. I will bring something for u as a present. Please help me to inform ooiyee ya. Here sing a happy birthday song for you all.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you !!

Its time for me to going to sleep, i will take care myself and enjoy myself.

Good nite.