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Nov 20

This week has been watched lot of movies, so crazy.

Tuesday – Time Traveler Wife


This movie had makes me near tears at the end, which is truly sad. Honestly, this movie really worth it. It shows the reality of a relationship between a couple which have to deal with the time travel and try hard to maintain the relationship. The man, which the time traveler will just disappear anytime without have any signal before and he also travel the time without bring anything. It’s quite funny but I think its make sense, if the man can travel together with his clothes or others, the story won’t be that nice.

Wednesday – 2012


In the movies on 2009, geologist from India has discovered that some kind of certain types of radioactive or nuclear reaction from the sun causing the temperature of the core of earth to increase rapidly. When it happened, earthquake or tsunamis or flood and everything comes, that was the end of the world. Personally, I prefer <The Day After Tomorrow> , this movie just can’t give much impress than <The Day After Tomorrow> do, maybe I expected too much. Some of them were survived in a kind of ship. I don’t what kind of ship was that but I would to call it as super-ship. This ship was strong enough to get impact from all those things. The movie ends with a view of the African continent and happily ever after.

Thursday – Christmas Carol


I have not do properly research on this movie. In my mind, I thought this movie was real life humanity movies but actually this was an animation, quite upset when I knew it. I would like to say sorry to my colleague, Shy Yun. Sorry, I don’t that it was an animation, make her fall asleep quite many times because she not used to watch animation or any cartoons in cinema. A Christmas Carol, originally from a novel about a selfish, stingy, foolish uncle after being visited by four ghosts on Christmas Eve then have redemption from god and totally change the perception meaning of Christmas Eve. This movie was bored for me, I’m not really enjoyed it.

Nov 10

He have send message to us that his convocation was on Saturday,  almost all of us can attend his convocation,  but then few of us still manage to get there.

So we trying to give him some surprised, we told him we were not free with lot of excuses. I said that I’m not free and have something to do. Li Thian said that she have an event and have work to do. Meicinn said she need to back hometown. At first maybe he feel quite upset, I’m not so sure how disappointed he was cause i think the most important was his family and his gf. Not needed more word to explained , all just need be in heart, Congratulation.

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Nov 4

晚餐和同事都外面吃板面, 找到车位了, 找到坐位了, 点了干劳麻辣板面, 点了水. 讲讲话到一半, 板面到了. 刚刚开始要吃,打雷了… 显到 !!! 安慰大家,说 “ 不会下的啦, 吃完了都还没下啦 ”。。。还吃到一口 , 噼里啪啦。。。劈里啪啦。。。他妈的 !

那着那晚板面在档子旁边,还要淋雨。。咳 !等老板拿大雨伞后就快快坐下快快吃, 还没吃到一半,风吹超大的,身体已经湿了,结果站着把剩下的面塞进嘴巴。 然后雨越来越大了,身体和裤子都湿淋淋了。还好老板借我们雨伞去拿车,不然我看更湿。到了公司就脱鞋和袜子让风扇和冷气吹干, 然后就回家了。

在回家的路途,看见很多骑motor的人。 很可怜他们, 很感谢爸爸妈妈哥哥们, 让我拥有车。 不然在桥底下避雨的人已经是我了, 在马路上被车子泼上来水淋到身上也可能是我, 已经淋到全身湿湿了还在奔跑避雨的人也可能是我。 希望他们身体健康,不要因为雨而生病了。


Nov 1

After worked, so go back have a bathed and get my camera then straight forward drove toward Cheras to meet with them. “Them” was vincci,  vincci collegue (ahTing if not mistaken), lithian, choong, meicinn, youming, yan, william. Included me, 9 of us was having dinner at Kaki Corner Steak house. After having my hawaii cheese chicken and giant cup of honeydew, we keep forwad to next destination.

lithian was suggested to go genting, she said we never go genting yumcha before. Some more meicinn was so desperate to go, so we decided to go genting. Meicinn have asking me to drive, she said she not so familiar with the road and scared later her car will blow up. On the way going to genting, she keep complain and complain. Smelly, weird sound, this and that,sigh…Finally we reach genting.

It was raining day, genting was so cold at that time, lucky everyone still able to get their own jacket. When reach genting, we must go out to cold down little bit first. If not later get inside cant control our hands, haha… What normally everyone will do when get genting ? What else ? Casino, get inside and try to earn some money actually, it was kidding, just having some fun but at last i lost my RM50. I consider better than others, meicinn have lose rm100.

After that going to have coffee at starbucks, but on the way it was too much attractive stuff, we keep snap, snap and snap photo. Finally get inside the sticker photo (大头帖), 9 person was continuously keep changing 8 position in the small box. Seems like we getting back to 18 years old life, when the time we get printed photo, everyone look younger, slimmer and more pretty. This kind of machine was amazing.

So having coffee and chit chat till 4 something, was 4am…On the way going back to KL, luckily have youming talking with me. If not i will feel very slipy. Three pig at behind seat was sleep till don’t where they be till we reach. 5am reach my home, after get bath and doing others thing awhile. Getting to bed, it was 6am.

Tired but enjoyed. Nice outing. Will upload those photo soon.