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Mar 23

Since last year I have be sponsor for a child through “World Vision” organization. I cant remember where the child from and cant even remember what the child name, I only can remember that the child was 7-8 years old and was a boy. I only sponsor RM50 per month for him, i know RM50 in Malaysia it’s really cant helped anything, maybe for someone RM50 can spend in few minutes,but i think RM50 really means a lot for them. Yesterday I have received a mail from him, he sent me a drawing that draw by himself.


He told me his surname, name, his school name and he love his mother. I don’t know how was the environment at his home but i’m sure is totally different from what we have at here. It just a simple draw, but it means a lot to me. I feel that it was the most meaningful RM50 that i was spent every each month.


Mar 5

煩哪煩哪煩得沒有力氣煩哪 我煩啊
煩哪煩哪煩得歇斯底里煩哪 我煩啊

忙啊忙啊忙得沒有力氣忙啊 我忙啊
忙啊忙啊忙得歇斯底里忙啊 我忙啊

Mar 1

This few days had work like hell,  totally overload. My shoulder feel so heavy and tight, really hope that have someone massage for me.

Actually have thinking to go massage center to do whole body massage, Thai style massage should be good enough. Scare to go alone, later get misunderstood or what, but i think those massage that in the shopping center will be ok. If those like in outside maybe will have special service, i know around puchong and kepong have a lot.

Cause yesterday really work late, today actually should go home early and have some rest. Since i’m free, i try to ask plan more activities like movies, jogging or basketball, but nobody are free to layan me.

I think i only can go home watch drama and have my take away dinner. What to eat later uh ?