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Jun 15

这个星期天会播出新秀创作, 会有我的歌。 可是不是我演唱, 是有去年新秀代唱。

虽然只是上台短短几分钟,可是自己也蛮开心的。 有空又有astro 的话, 请大家看看咯。。。

June 21, 7.30pm, 311 华丽台 播出, 谢谢。。。

Jun 9

Last Thursday have sprained my ankle when i play badminton, you might be curious how i come i will sprained my ankle with badminton. This was long story and hard to explain.

At first i was sprained, my ankle start swelling and feel pain, sure cant walk at all. So for the next day i decide to for a chinese medical treatment, in chinese call “铁打”. The sifu help me massage and put it some medicine and it will become below picture.

At first few days, i feel getting better and able to walk. So i think my ankle and going to be fine, but yesterday i go looking for the sifu again, was another appointment to check my ankle. So the sifu help me massage again and put some medicine on it. Actually i feel quite comfortable and nothing wrong, but after fews hours my leg getting worst. My ankle and foot start swelling, like the a balloon.

My colleagues was get shocked and keep push me to hospital emergency. When i get the hospital, then go for X- ray, after the specialist have come to visit me. I told him what i have done with my leg and when it was happened. After the doctor go through my X-ray, he said i don’t have any crack or broken. The main reason of my foot and ankle swelling in that serious because the muscle tissue inside my foot was hurt badly. He don’t know how the sifu help me to massage and he also not sure is it the sifu make my leg like this but he have explained the term that between the chinese medicine and normal medicine.

Chinese medicine, the sifu said that by doing massage the blood will go through your leg and then the blood clots and swelling will start getting better. But the doctor said that, if our muscle tissue have hurt. We should not let more blood getting to my leg, i should hang up and put ice on it and let the swelling getting better and the blood clots will slowly gone. But before i getting to ward, a nurse came with a doctor, then cucuk a something to my hand. When asked for the reason, the doctor said just in case any happened, we will need this. Shit, it hurt but at last never use it.

So at this moment, they both have their theory. But in my case i choose to trust the doctor rather than the sifu, because by hang up my leg and putting ice, my leg getting better. Of course also have take some medicine. Luckily not that critical, at least now i still able to walk. The doctor have gave 10 days MC, so what i need to do is just hanging my leg and put ice on it and no walking.

God Bless, I will get recover soon.