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Jul 28

July 28, 1.43am

I back to office again, i just leave about couple of minutes ago. Too bad when i reach car park and found that my car was dead, was totally dead. No alarm, no horn, no light, everything was not function, but i still manage to open the door manually. I found out that i forgot to switch off my car light, WTF !!!!  Don’t know what happened that make me so careless till forgot to switch off my car light.  I try on everything,  my car just like dead people, no respond at all.

Now sitting in my office and waiting my another colleague to send me home later, thanks to shyyun. Luckily she still here, if i am alone then how i manage to get back. If really happened, i think i really need overnight at office. I started worried again, how much i need to spend on it ? recently really poor, spent too much. I thought my bad luck was gone and getting better but actually still the same. I still that black.

I think i need pray every night before i sleep, pray that keep me, my family, my friend and everyone safe. If loss money can keep me safe from others, then just take it.

Jul 20

自从上一次弄到脚就一直衰个不停,车坏啦,那个啦这个啦, 还好最近比较好了一点, 运气还不错。

那天收到 Astro 的 sms, 叫我去那奖品。 看到了就爽了, 有护肤品和canon相机, 然后又有 Astro 决赛入门票, 真的还蛮不错的。 如果明年有的话, 我会再赞加。。。哈哈。。。