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May 26


>> 如果怕你麻烦连累我,我就不是和你一起的我。


>> 突然想到,无意见想到,一下就想到,瞬间想到,全都是遐想,不确实的。

May 11

If you never read my previous post, just some review at here → online shopping 1

From the past 2 years, year 2009. I have list out few items as my target that i wish to buy.The items list will be something like iphone, guitar, sport shoes, external harddisk, real media player.

At last i have achieve all my target at end of year 2009, i exchange iphone v my DSLR, get my guitar, badminton shoes and converse, 500GB external hard drive and real media player for my mum as birthday present. Things keep change, i also keep change, look back past few years of me, i really change. The things i going to have now is much more different that past few years ago. I looking for that is more tough and hard to get. Now i trying to list out the items and i promise myself to achieve my target.

1. Ideal Home
Ideal home is not only is a place to stay, is more than that. I wish to own my own home, have my comfortable bedroom, my warm living room, my sweet kitchen, my freedom toilet. Its does’nt need a big space, its does’nt need a fantastic and fabulous design , all its needed will under satisfy as long as its is only my and of course have must have you with me.

2. Travel around the world
I wish that i can travel around the world, is not only the city the that shopping, is more than that. I hope that i can experience life that others than my normal life, with the people at another world and try to feel and enjoy with them, sharing with each others about everything.

Those are very very very far way and need times to achieve it, but i believe that at some  day, i will do it.

May 8

After go through the pictures, i found that i have not much change what. Maybe my look become rounded a bit and mature a bit. Others seem like the same. Agree ?

May 6

现在的屋价起到要命, 所以就想快快买,就看了很多单位,几个地点,到最后合眼的只有两件。

现在住着的 :-
Bayu Puteri, 850sf, RM270K basic unit 什么都没有的, 唯一的好就是我习惯这边了,做工也方便,吃的玩的买的就很靠近。 可是屋价太高了, 银行家觉得这个单位只是值RM180K, 到最后放弃,太贵了,很难借钱。

远些的 :
Sri Petaling, Endah Ria Condo, RM250K 这个很好,我很喜欢,全部都有装修过的,客厅,厨房,冲凉房连马桶都换过, 那些灯光还有墙纸还蛮有味道的,地点虽然远了些,可是还方便,走路可以到 carefour 和 LRT, 然后可以吃点心, 哈哈。 可惜的银行估计值得RM230-220K, 如果我要买的话,我需要付 10% 的 230K  + 20K, 我给不起咯, 我很坦白和那个agent说, 你叫屋主减价啦, 她说试试看咯。

总结 :-
要怎样买屋子,以前怕负担不起,现在是借不到钱, 可以怎样, 我就只能等咯。。。