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– 加上了游泳池和练身房,可是却多了麻烦是因为车的距离更远了

– 这里的空气流通既然比排屋好,变得更加凉爽

– 去上班的路程变远了

– 早上起的比以前早,可是睡得比之前好

来一张窗外的 view。。。

8 responses to “我又搬家了”

  1. mei says:

    au yong, where u stay now oh… no invite me go n c c de… huh… so fast u need tat ar… haha

  2. @uyong says:

    bayu puteri at tropicana…tat 1 is spam mail lai de lah…virus…

  3. 网赚兼职 says:


  4. Sergio says:

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  5. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

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  7. Obviously, some of his fans value Alex Smith more than the Niners do. Most that have watched Alex the last 7 years know he’s not the long-term answer. And of course there’s a reason the team traded up to snatch CK… Who knows if he’s the long-term answer, but we know Alex isn’t. Alex needs us more than we need him.

  8. some super shots here Paul. thanks for sharing, I keep meaning to get out in the garden and do some mothing. The nights are drawing in now so don’t need to stay up too late!

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