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What is mean by affordable ?
You paid the down payment for house/car then every month paid for the loan but then no much leave for ur saving, do you think this case called affordable ? For me i don’t think is affordable.

Have plan to get a new car, maybe i should plan to get another car, cox will give my current car to my sis soon. She need it when she getting to Monash.

Plan A – Choose the best and like the most
Plan B – Choose the best that most affordable
Plan C – Choose the most affordable but not the best
Plan D – Choose most affordable only

Act my plan is get toyata vios, but then it will cost me around 900++ every each month, this will be quite heavy for me, so Plan A is fail.

The best that most affordable is either proton persona or myvi, it will my in range and quite suite for me, but it still need rm700++ per month. Plan B to be consider.

The most affordable but not best is proton saga or viva, impossible for me to get a proton saga,i driving a proton iswara, so i dun think to get a proton saga and viva is too small for big guy like me. Plan C is out.

Plan D is get 2nd hand car, but then is not that old. Maybe around 3-5 years car, so i plan to have myvi 4 years, it will only cost me RM400 per month. Plan D can leave me save money.

So i don’t know which plan i should take, which is more suit for me. GOD please let me know which way to choose.

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