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Astro Talent Quest Contest

Jst came bck from Park Royale Hotel, ya…now is 6.38 am. I have go register about 12am, i have wait for 6 hours to sing for that 30 seconds. That was so many ppl at thr, everyone are practice at there and try to performed the best to the judges. I jst sitting there and look around the ppl, got so different type of person at thr. Have talkative, those tak tau malu, samseng,show off, friendly and of course lot of lenglui ( lengzhai as well). I promise i wont do this again, this is my last time. If not because Ah Bao keep asking me to go, definately i wont go lor…it really waste time lor, but i also have my experience. I cant even get into 2nd round, when my turn jst get in,then sing to the screen,then judges said thank you,then leaving. ..haiz, it really fast. But so lucky ahbao will get in 2nd round sub audition, pray for him.


give briefing

1st audition have 2 round, 1st round is 30 second,2nd round also 30 second but judges will ask some question, then only will get into 2nd audition. If really have get in the 2nd audition, which means in will get recording in studio at Astro but so much stuff to prepare such as clothes, song and free ur time. If get through the 2nd audition, then will get in 20 final list. It will send to camp which provide singer courses, dancing class and others which totally free. You need to sign contract before get into the camp, within the camp period, you may not leaving the camp. Which means those are working, you might quite your job. Luckily, i’m not getting it. If really get into the camp, i really don’t know what to do. My job is more important or singing contest is more important ? But i don’t have chance also cause i’m not even pass through the 1st audion.


all people are waiting


next 2 person will be me,so panic at tat time

Some of them are came from so far, they get overnight at there. I really proud of those parent that came together with their son or daughter. They waiting outside which dont have chair provided. They stand whole night to support, really really proud of them. I think maybe i will be on TV again, jst now have cameraman came over our place and take some shot…haha


pinjam to take pic only…haha

Later will go buy lottery.

my number was 0899….i will buy




Really want to get sleep…good nite and good luck to you all.

5 responses to “Astro Talent Quest Contest”

  1. Andrea says:

    Ah.. So sad u cant get into it….. But u did try la…. 🙂 Hey the songs called Suddenly nice ler….

  2. @uyong says:

    Thanks, i also dont think to get in,i jst go for fun…haha. Only “suddenly” nice….i think others also nice lah..haha

  3. javin says:

    u got learn b4 for singing?

  4. @uyong says:

    nope…i never learn singing b4, erm.. y ask so ?

  5. Malinda says:

    Im no expert, but I believe you just crafted a very good point point. You detinifely comprehend what youre speaking about, and I can really get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so genuine.

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